We create arts-driven projects that offer insight into the power that humans wield over technology they create.

The Human Grid
is thousands of years old.

As a new-media production label, we weave music, a/v recordings, installation, and web-experiences to produce interactive performances. We open source all of our software and hardware designs in the process.

Like language, technology is used to create and destroy, to inspire and to dominate, an ancient relationship taking on new forms. Our mission is to use technology to create new contexts for the arts, and with that, new possibilities for engagement.

The Human Grid is fiscally sponsored by New York Foundation for the Arts.

Coming soon —
Untitled multimedia
music project

Mary Flagler Cary Hall, The Dimenna Center for Classical Music

Open Source Productions

Arts production is more than just performance.

At the root of open source philosophy, creators give others access to their work with the hope of further improvement or reinvention of their designs. When we apply this philosophy to arts production, the end of a performance marks a new beginning as we invite the audience to further our work and their experience. We imagine more producers and art advocates will consider this model for its ability to extend the influence of each production. Given that much of our work relies on the existence of open resources, we are excited to contribute to the community we depend on and collaborate with.

Technologies — Our projects span a wide range of technologies and processes including physical fabrication, electronics on PC boards, back-end web servers, web browser-based software, and mobile applications.

Tools — We've created a variety of tools to support our research and development. We have a suite of useful software libraries, a powerful development environment, and many electronics CAD part files.

Projects — We build systems to create unique, interactive productions. Our documentation will show how these systems are built end-to-end and how they can serve as a useful foundation or reference.


The Old American Can Factory
232 3rd Street
Suite E302a
Brooklyn, NY 11215



Ariel Agai

Devon Rueckner
Technical Director

Kat Shuford

Jamie Alegre